Hello! I'm Andrei. I'm a high school student and programmer from Canada. Welcome to my little corner of the information superhighway! This website is a place where I can share my ideas and host my projects. Currently I'm interested in operating systems, software, and technology in general. I also really like dystopian novels.

While you're here you can also take a look at my blog, where I like to share my opinion about software and technology in general, among other things.

This website is also hosted as a completely anonymous and private i2p peer to peer eepsite! You can access it with this address: http://4a6fdrvmp3dviykf5axwsd4nebisfijjg5is5kn3u6eec3xlpwha.b32.i2p/


I've recently gotten a monero address! If you wish to support me and keep this website running you can donate to the following address: