New Website!

I finally took the time to rewrite this website. Although the rewrite appears to contain a lot more content and it is a lot better looking than the old website, it is actually much lighter and less resource intensive! (as of the writing of this post, this website only has around 50 lines of CSS!)

The new website is built using flask in python and is completely devoid of JavaScript. The lack of scripting meant that I had to give up on writing posts in markdown since parsing it on client side would require JS and using a server side parser is too much hassle. But I'm not too bothered by that, jinja2 templates and HTML are more than enough for writing blog posts.

I also took the time to make sure this website works on almost all websites imaginable. It should render perfectly on Firefox, Chrome, Netsurf, and even text only browsers like links. If this website displays incorrectly on any browser, please let me know.

How it works

The website is hosted on an Ubuntu VPS running an Apache web server. I write all the blog posts in html with the help of jinja templates and kakoune.

I was set on embedding all the necessary metadata for each blog post inside the html file itself, to achieve this I generate the post date by fetching the last modified date of the html file and use a neat (albeit hacky) trick to include the description by creating a paragraph element at the bottom of the document and hiding it.

This is far from perfect. Since I'm generating the post date using the document's last modified file desciption, it means that I can't update posts without discarding the previous modified time. I'm working on a solution.

To generate the sitemap I use a python library I found called flask-sitemap which integrates well into flask and was not much work to integrate into the codebase.

A sitemap of the website is viewable here.

UPDATE: I've changed around some things and now it's safely possible to update blogs!