Kakoune is Kool

Published on 2021-09-15 by Andrei

About a year ago I made the switch from vscode to vim and then later neovim for all my programming and text editing needs. I was instantly hooked to the "control everything with your keyboard" concept. I was pretty happy with neovim for a while, but as a (wyver)KISS Linux user I found myself always compiling software from source. Neovim's build system is a pain to work with, and building it on fully clang/llvm systems is always a hit and miss. Not to mention the gigantic binary size of both neovim and vim (I've measured up to 300 megabytes in size for neovim!!! That's bigger than firefox or a whole C compiler). So I decided to try out kakoune. Kakoune has much more consistant keybindings, is a LOT lighter weight weighing in at only 4MB including the documentation, and is free from a lot of the feature creep that neovim and vim have suffered. I highly recommend everyone reading this to at least try kakoune. Even if you're super accustomed to the vim keybindings, you'll still fall in love with kakoune's workflow.

UPDATE: As of February 2022 I have switched back to vim for the majority of my text editing needs. I regularily switch between using vi and vim and the similar but different keybinds of kakoune made this jarring.