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I'm a computer programming, operating system design, technology, and free software enthousiast.

At the moment I am very interested in Plan 9 (and I'm a regular plan9port user), Lisps like sbcl and scheme as well as the Go programming language.

On top of that I am fairly well accustomed to UNIX and C, as well as python and C++. IRC is pretty cool too.


I've worked on quite a few projects in the past few years, here's some of the more notable ones:

The rest of my code is scattered in many different git hosting platforms, mainly my GitHub and my Codeberg.


I don't really use email all that much at the moment. You probably have the best chance of getting in touch with me by sending me a PM on my IRC server. I use the username "S0x41".

If you'd like to support what I do for whatever reason you can donate to the following XMR address (qr code):

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