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IRC is a Pretty Cool Thing

I've tried a lot of messaging platforms / protocols. Out of all of them I think IRC has the best mix of:

It's also loads better than that app.


In early to mid 2021 I started AndreiNET as a continuation of an IRC server that my friends used to hang out on a lot. It has since growed and we now have a cool little niche community.

If you're interested in joining, point your irc client to on port 6667. If you want to use tls you can connect to port 6697 on the same host but you'll have to disable certificate validation in your client configuration. We have been using self signed certificates since the dawn of time.

The official hub/lobby channel is #general, just remember to be respectful and not do anything illegal.

Also, I am currently searching for a new name for the server (the "NET" in AndreiNET isn't even accurate, there is no network of servers). If you have any suggestions don't be afraid to hit me up!